The Elite TrenchCross bridges the gap

Creating a safe pedestrian or, vehicle crossing over trenches and openings has always been a problematic issue for utilities contractors and users alike.  Heavy metal trench sheets are difficult to manoeuvre into position and can present a slip hazard. The new Elite TrenchCross is a tailor-made solution that provides a strong but lightweight trench cover and footbridge now available to hire from Brandon Tool Hire. Weighing just 20kg, the TrenchCross provides a 100cm bridge capable of supporting a maximum point load of 1000kg. As well as creating a safe trench crossing for pedestrians, numerous TrenchCross’s  can be linked together to form a vehicle roadway over any trench up to a metre wide. The TrenchCross has an anti-slip surface, detachable handrails and can be easily secured to the ground.

To hire the Elite TrenchCross call Brandon Tool Hire on  0870 514 3391


IMG_2417 (1) IMG_7905_wFootbridge Linked