UK’s builders getting a great start with Brandon Hire


Thousands of builders across the country are getting their day off to a great start with a Brandon Hire Breakfast.

Launched two years ago, the breakfast mornings have become a big success, giving customers the chance to catch up with fellow tradesmen as well as find out more about the latest kit on the market.

The programme runs from June right through until October. For more information go to

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Brandon Hire continues to expand with its latest branch opening in Telford


Brandon Hire continues to expand into new areas, with its latest branch opening in Telford.This follows close on the heels of Leatherhead, York, Bradford, High Wycombe and Newquayhigh wycombe 2

Managing Director Tim Smith said: “Opening a new branch is obviously a major business investment so we have taken our time to identify the right location and we’re delighted with how things have gone. Each branch has been able to establish itself quickly, which is great news, and confirmation that we’ve chosen the right towns to move into.”

The opening of Newquay gives Brandon Hire even more reach in Cornwall, while York and Bradford means the company now has seven branches in Yorkshire.

“It’s an exciting time for us. There’s no doubt that our approach during the difficult economy climate to stay focused on what we’re good at and keep control of our costs has paid off and now we’re in a strong position to grow and develop.”


Brandon Hire helping to ensure the UK’s house builders don’t bite the dust


Brandon Hire is working in partnership with Redrow – one of the UK’s leading residential property developers – to help raise awareness of health issues within the house building industry.

A key element of the campaign has been pro-active workshops across the county, which have been run by National Technical Manager Dave Arscott. The sessions, attended by Redrow staff and sub-contractors, have focused on the dangers of working with dust and hand arm vibration. To support the workshops, Brandon Hire produced a range of leaflets, which covered the key health issues and highlighted the steps people can take to minimise the risks.

“Our reputation for giving health & safety advice has grown over the years – so much so that we are now viewed as experts in this area,” said Dave. “It was real compliment to be asked by Redrow to support their campaign and it’s another sign that the UK construction industry looks to us for guidance.”redrow homes 4

Redrow homes 1Airborne dusts can present significant respiratory risks on construction sites. They are responsible for a large number of the non-asbestos lung diseases that develop, including cancer, silicosis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Every year in Great Britain over 500 construction workers1 are believed to die from lung cancer
caused by silica dust alone. Many construction jobs can create large amounts of dust including sweeping, grit blasting, soft-strip demolition and the hand-sanding of plaster joints. However, the most common involve the use of power tools such as cut-off saws, grinders, breakers and sanders. These can create very high dust levels, especially if the work is indoors or in an enclosed or poorly-ventilated area.
Dust, respiratory risks and ill-health in general are priority areas for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in its dealings with the industry. They also fit into the government’s wider industrial strategy for the sector, Construction 20252.

BRANDON HIRE deliver for the NHS BT


NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has awarded Brandon Hire a key contract to supply heating and cooling equipment.

The new agreement means that Brandon Hire’s national branch network will have a critical role to play in getting the kit delivered to collection centres across England to ensure that temperatures are controlled in the various environments, which include everything from sports centres to village halls.

Brandon Hire’s focus on equipment innovation and a commitment to meeting critical delivery and collection schedules were a key part of the company’s winning bid.

Commercial Manager Nigel Strickland said: “There are minimum and maximum temperature requirements, which is where we come in. Our equipment will help to keep the donation centres at the right temperature and  make blood donors feel more comfortable when they’re giving blood – no-one wants to be too cold or too hot.”

As well as heating and cooling equipment, Brandon Hire will be supplying the latest in battery powered LED lighting technologyBluemax Combined that deliver huge savings in running costs when compared to traditional halogen lights.

There are 24 fixed blood donation centres across England and 88 mobile blood collection teams running about 23,000 blood collection sessions a year in communities across England and North Wales. Each year donors give around two million donations of blood.

Brandon Hire has just signed a major three-year deal with Bouygues UK.


Brandon Hire has just signed a major three-year deal with Bouygues UK.

This latest business success is a clear sign that the company’s reputation for delivering great service continues to grow.

Managing Director Tim Smith said: “The tender process was long and complicated and we were up against some tough competition so it’s fantastic that we won the contract.”

Bouygues, which operates in over 80 countries, is a world-class construction and services group with interests covering building, civil engineering, property development and roads, as well as facilities management, media and telecoms.

HSE Safer Sites Initiative sees 40% of sites fail to meet standards.

Results from the HSE Safer Sites Initiative, which ran from 22 September to 17 October this year, reveal that of the 1,748 sites visited, dangerous practices or poor standards were discovered at 40% of refurbishment and repair sites visited, with 1 in 5 sites so poor, formal enforcement action was required.

A total of 691 of the sites targeted failed to meet current standards with 360 needing formal enforcement action, as practices were so poor. In total, the HSE issued 313 prohibition notices and 235 improvement notices.

Dust suppression solutions - simple and effective.

Dust suppression solutions – simple and effective.

Dust is still a major problem

Dust is still a major problem


The HSE initiative was focussed on health risks, and 35% of the notices served were for issues such as management of asbestos, failure to control exposure to harmful dusts, noise and vibration, and insufficient welfare. However, the most common issue identified by HSE inspectors was unsafe working at height, which accounted for 42% of notices.

Following the results of the campaign, HSE is urging the construction industry to ensure basic health and safety measures are in place on all sites. Detailed statistics from the initiative as well as images of both good and bad practice can be found on the HSE website.

Reactec Vibration monitoring

Reactec Vibration monitoring

Brandon Hire provides free advice on a range of health and safety issues, including working at height, Hand Arm Vibration, welfare and dust. For more information email: or call 01179 719119

Plasterboard logistics -saving time and reducing waste -Part 1

Reduce your plasterboard costs by up to 67 per cent!

Research has shown that increased efficiency when handling plasterboard sheet can lead to cost reductions of between 16 and 67 per cent. With the right tools, the right handling and the right recycling, the processing time for plasterboard handling can be reduced by around 50 per cent (Blomqvist, Camitz, Mattsson, 2009).

Swedish manufacturer, Starke Arvid, produces material handling equipment for the construction sector that can give significant savings for the drylining industry on new build and refurbishment projects with their range of products now available to hire from Brandon Hire. Behind the design of Starke Arvid’s products lies the simple principle: Work smarter, not harder and meet today’s tight schedules and deliver the best possible quality by using world class plasterboard logistics and ergonomics while improving your profitability!

You can save up to 67 per cent through effective handling!

Handling a plasterboard costs significantly more than buying one. Have you thought about all the activities required to insert a plasterboard into a wall or ceiling? By improving the efficiency of these activities the process become more cost-efficient.

Research as well as our own experiences have shown that increased efficiency when handling plasterboards can lead to cost reductions of between 16 and 67 per cent. With the right tools, the right handling and the right recycling, the processing time for plasterboard installation can be reduced by around 50 per cent (Blomqvist, Camitz, Mattsson, 2009).

Damaged workers and materials

This can lead to damaged workers and materials.

Board Trolley – for much more than boards

The Board Trolley Mini is the perfect tool for transporting smaller plasterboard quantities (up to 13 boards), other board materials or doors and windows. Narrow passages, renovation works or smaller projects are no problem for this nimble trolley with its two pivoting castors and solid, puncture-free rubber tyres. The vertical supports, which also function as handles, can easily be removed to fit the trolley into the boot of a car_NPP8009_NPP8017

The Elite TrenchCross bridges the gap

Creating a safe pedestrian or, vehicle crossing over trenches and openings has always been a problematic issue for utilities contractors and users alike.  Heavy metal trench sheets are difficult to manoeuvre into position and can present a slip hazard. The new Elite TrenchCross is a tailor-made solution that provides a strong but lightweight trench cover and footbridge now available to hire from Brandon Tool Hire. Weighing just 20kg, the TrenchCross provides a 100cm bridge capable of supporting a maximum point load of 1000kg. As well as creating a safe trench crossing for pedestrians, numerous TrenchCross’s  can be linked together to form a vehicle roadway over any trench up to a metre wide. The TrenchCross has an anti-slip surface, detachable handrails and can be easily secured to the ground.

To hire the Elite TrenchCross call Brandon Tool Hire on  0870 514 3391


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HSE inspectors blitz on refurbishment and repair sites

HSE inspectors have kicked-off a month long blitz checking on health standards on refurbishment and repair sites. Health as well as safety is the message being taken to contractors as inspectors stage a series of unannounced visits across the country. Inspections will pay particular attention to the threats posed by harmful dusts such as silica and asbestos and other hazardous substances. Philip White, HSE Chief Inspector of Construction, said: “Industry has made much progress in reducing the number of people killed and injured in its activities, but for every fatal accident, approximately 100 construction workers die from a work-related cancer.” During the last health initiative action was taken on one in six sites. White said: “Time and again we find smaller contractors working on refurbishment and repair work failing to protect their workers through a lack of awareness and poor control of risks. “This isn’t acceptable – it costs lives, and we will take strong and robust action where we find poor practice and risky behaviour. “Through campaigns like this we aim to ensure contractors take all risks to their workers seriously, and not just focus on immediate safety implications. They need to put in place practical measures to keep workers both safe and well”

Brandon Tool Hire specialise in dust extraction vacuum hire and the delivery of on-site support, toolbox talks and practicable advice on refurbishment and repair sites.