The Elite TrenchCross bridges the gap

Creating a safe pedestrian or, vehicle crossing over trenches and openings has always been a problematic issue for utilities contractors and users alike.  Heavy metal trench sheets are difficult to manoeuvre into position and can present a slip hazard. The new Elite TrenchCross is a tailor-made solution that provides a strong but lightweight trench cover and footbridge now available to hire from Brandon Tool Hire. Weighing just 20kg, the TrenchCross provides a 100cm bridge capable of supporting a maximum point load of 1000kg. As well as creating a safe trench crossing for pedestrians, numerous TrenchCross’s  can be linked together to form a vehicle roadway over any trench up to a metre wide. The TrenchCross has an anti-slip surface, detachable handrails and can be easily secured to the ground.

To hire the Elite TrenchCross call Brandon Tool Hire on  0870 514 3391


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Don’t Bite the Dust

DON’T BITE THE DUST Helping to reduce the risks of working with dust has become a top priority for the industry – not least because there are more than 500 deaths every year due to silica exposure. Brandon Hire is playing a key role in educating construction workers about the dangers and the steps they can take to ensure a dust-free environment. A combination of regular workshops, information booklets and on-site support for customers is making an impact. National Technical Manager Dave Arscott said: “There’s no doubt that dust is a big issue and anything we can do to spread the word is important. The response we get is very positive – it’s amazing how many people simply don’t know about the dangers and the equipment that’s available to help them work safely.” Not surprisingly the company is backing the HSE’s ‘Think Heath’ campaign, which is focusing on the respiratory risks from dust, as well as manual handling, noise and vibration. HSE inspectors have been making unannounced visits to sites to identify areas where workers are being exposed to unnecessary risks. As part of this, Brandon Hire has produced a ‘brooms don’t work’ poster for branches. The posters highlight the fact that it’s dangerous to clean up with a broom and that dust extraction vacuums are the only safe option. Ian Strudley, Head of Health Risk Management Unit at the HSE, said: “It’s great to see companies like Brandon Hire supporting our efforts and doing what they can to educate their customers. The construction industry has made great strides in recent years but it needs to do more and put practical measures in place to keep people safe.”