HSE Safer Sites Initiative sees 40% of sites fail to meet standards.

Results from the HSE Safer Sites Initiative, which ran from 22 September to 17 October this year, reveal that of the 1,748 sites visited, dangerous practices or poor standards were discovered at 40% of refurbishment and repair sites visited, with 1 in 5 sites so poor, formal enforcement action was required.

A total of 691 of the sites targeted failed to meet current standards with 360 needing formal enforcement action, as practices were so poor. In total, the HSE issued 313 prohibition notices and 235 improvement notices.

Dust suppression solutions - simple and effective.

Dust suppression solutions – simple and effective.

Dust is still a major problem

Dust is still a major problem


The HSE initiative was focussed on health risks, and 35% of the notices served were for issues such as management of asbestos, failure to control exposure to harmful dusts, noise and vibration, and insufficient welfare. However, the most common issue identified by HSE inspectors was unsafe working at height, which accounted for 42% of notices.

Following the results of the campaign, HSE is urging the construction industry to ensure basic health and safety measures are in place on all sites. Detailed statistics from the initiative as well as images of both good and bad practice can be found on the HSE website.

Reactec Vibration monitoring

Reactec Vibration monitoring

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Damaged workers and materials

This can lead to damaged workers and materials.

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HSE inspectors blitz on refurbishment and repair sites

HSE inspectors have kicked-off a month long blitz checking on health standards on refurbishment and repair sites. Health as well as safety is the message being taken to contractors as inspectors stage a series of unannounced visits across the country. Inspections will pay particular attention to the threats posed by harmful dusts such as silica and asbestos and other hazardous substances. Philip White, HSE Chief Inspector of Construction, said: “Industry has made much progress in reducing the number of people killed and injured in its activities, but for every fatal accident, approximately 100 construction workers die from a work-related cancer.” During the last health initiative action was taken on one in six sites. White said: “Time and again we find smaller contractors working on refurbishment and repair work failing to protect their workers through a lack of awareness and poor control of risks. “This isn’t acceptable – it costs lives, and we will take strong and robust action where we find poor practice and risky behaviour. “Through campaigns like this we aim to ensure contractors take all risks to their workers seriously, and not just focus on immediate safety implications. They need to put in place practical measures to keep workers both safe and well”

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